Current band members:

Rob Baker Rob Baker
Squeeze Boxes
Born Chipping Norton but moved away at earliest opportunity (no offence, Chipping Norton), at age 6 months. Grew up in glorious Devon. Leeds resident since 1987 and seems likely to stay. Keen dancer and musician with local Morris sides. One of the founder members of Bandiera Rossa in 1991-2. Generally appears as a caller with occasional interludes on melodeon or Anglo concertina. Keen to maintain and develop Bandiera Rossa's mixed repertoire of British and Irish ceilidh standards and European circle dances.
Pete Dawson Pete Dawson
Born London. Went to same school as Rick Wakeman. Visited Rod Stewart's parent's house once. Walked past Long John Baldry's house on same trip. Recently climbed Yorkshire Three Peaks (on separate days). Will learn to play bass and mandola properly one day. Often seen with back to audience trying to get the sound right on the PA system (been trying for many years now and have nearly cracked it!)
Mark Harris Mark Harris
Born Jersey, Channel Islands. Never met anyone famous or even walked past their house. Discovered the mandolin whilst a student at Plymouth Polytechnic. Joined Bandiera Rossa in 1999 (I think?) and introduced the concept of the band jumping into the air at the end of lively ceilidh sets (don’t try this at home!). Often seen wandering wirelessly amongst the dancers, mandolin in hand!
Tricia Kyte Tricia Kyte
Piano Accordion
Rodger Walker Rodger Walker
Ruth Wild Ruth Wild
Born in Grimsby to a Yorkshire/German father and Welsh mother. Also married to a Welshman, so tries to bring little known Welsh tunes to the attention of Yorkshire audiences. Classically trained, but became interested in folk music on a visit to the Cleethorpes Folk Festival. Pursued the interest whilst studying music at Leeds University and joined the ceilidh band Dudley Nightshade. Now very involved in bringing folk music to the young people of Leeds and directs the youth group Roots Alive. Brush with fame performing with Sam Sweeney!
Martin Zukor Martin Zukor
Martin is fractionally older than his guitar but due to meanness actually younger than his strings. He is often to be heard crying "What key?" to gales of appreciative laughter from other band members. His unique rhythmic style has endeared him to orthopaedic surgeons all over the country but has yet to be fully appreciated by dancers for some reason. His influences include Spike Milligan, Spike Jones and spiked drinks but is currently learning the theme tune to Crossroads so as to keep up with musical trends.